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Looking for simple, easy options to display your custom prints? Östberg & Sørensen offers you best quality bases for different circumstances. Important things before choosing your base are the location of the flag, ground and weather conditions. Whether you’re looking to showcase your prints on the ground or up closer to the clouds, you’ll find these accessories indispensable to achieving your goal.

Different sizes beach flag flagpoles

Classic shape
Size/ cm XL L M S XS
Height 520 410 310 250 180
Flying shape
Size/ cm XL L M S XS
Height 430 335 255 220 160

Different bases for beach flag

Base 18 x 30 cm

Base 30 x 30 cm

Base 40 x 40 cm

Base 55 x 55 cm

Ground spike

Ground spike

Screw base

Screw base

Cross base

Steel car base

Transportation Bag

Water Bag